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Month 12

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd January 2002 and 2nd February 2002.

To see enlargements of the pictures double-click on the picture and a 640x480 image will open in a separate window.  To get back to this page hit the Back button.

Key stats at 45 weeks old (at home measurements):
Weight:   10.00kg          Length/Height    74.0cm          Head circumference:     48.0cm
Key stats at 49 weeks old:
Weight:   10.15kg          Length/Height    73.0+cm        Head circumference:     47.0cm

Sunday 20th January 2002 - Lottie takes an early morning spin with her Mum

Tuesday 29th January 2002 - Lottie’s cruises for the first time unattended .  The movies are a bit dark ... but you can at least see her first unattended steps.

Sunday morning - post breakie
Finger food is so ummmmm
Ummmmmmmm yes Kiwi fruit is ummmmm
On the ferry to Peng Chau
Strolling around Peng Chau
Peng Chau
Homeward bound ... via Trappist Monastery then DB
Lottie flirting with all the passengers
Sevens girls - Liz and Susan
Furniture cruising
Furniture cruising
I'm stuck ... come and get me ... NOW
Just trouble!  See my new toy ... the TV remote
Birthday girl and her dad Gary
Birthday girl Sophia's 1st birthday party
Amy at Sophia's 1st birthday party
Rasheen and Tara, Michelle and William
Ummm Mummy this Pain au Chocolat is UMMMMMMMMMM
Panoramic view of DB from the look-out.  The reclamation top left is the proposed site of Disney Hong Kong.
Sunday hike to the look-out above DB
Monkeys eat bananas
Latest addition - a kitchen gate and pull-up frame for Lottie
Night out at an Egyptian restaurant with friends Sue, Sally, Philippa, Neil, Andy, Kurt, David (aka BK), Susan and Karen
It's cold today .... Nice hat Daddy!
Lottie and Liz - both wrapped up during a cold spell - practice for our trip home at Chinese New Year
Playing at Dramarama
Playing at Dramarama - see I can walk by myself with a little help from a stroller
Charlottes first birthday party
The spout grls ( a new international girl band from DB)
Ballooooooon  DA DA DA
Party time ....
My first birthday cake
Kisses for Lottie from Tara
Susan, Liz and Max
Marus, Philippa, Isabelle, David (getting a bit of practice in) and Neil
Kate and William and Isabelle
Ummmm Bad Uncle Max .... I wonder what I can find in your shirt pocket...
Kate (William's big sister)
Kelvin and Madison
Look I'll be walking real soon ...
Sally and the birthday girl
All wrapped up ... multi coloured swap shop
All wrapped up ...
Georgia's First birthday party - Lottie in new her party frock
Georgia's First birthday party - Lottie, Georgia, Tara
Georgia's First birthday party - Sophia, William, Tara, Lottie, Georgia
Georgia's First birthday party - Sophia
Georgia's First birthday party - Lottie and Georgia
Po entertaining the children at Livy (3) and Ted's (2)  birthday party
Susan with a balloon flower thingie
Susan and Lottie
Susan and Lottie
Vincent and Lottie
She's already wrapping Daddy around her little finger
Jeremy and Lottie
Strolling home from Livy and Ted's birthday party

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