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Month 4

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd May 2001 and 2nd June 2001.

To see enlargements of the pictures doubleclick on the picture and a 640x480 image will open in a separate window.  To get back to this page hit the Back button.

Key stats at 11 weeks old:
Weight:     5.74kg          Length     61.0cm          Head circumference:     41.0cm
Key stats at 17 weeks old:
Weight:     6.98kg          Length     64.0cm          Head circumference:     43.0cm

Morning nap in her sleeping bag
With her new friend - Spunky
Honeymooners Roy and Sophie - our most frequent guests
Susan, Sophie and Lottie
Roy, Sophie and Lottie
They don't feed me...
Peter and Lottie
The marvells of technology - talking to GrandPa Burton via NetMeeting
Anita getting maternal
Wild chicks...
Liz, Lottie and Anita
Just Up
Dad's girl
Playing on the floor with Daddy...
My new hands trick...
My new hands trick...
My new hands trick...
Gurgling on our bed...
Gurgling on our bed...
Gurgling on our bed...
Playing with Dad
Trendy jeans...
Trendy jeans...
Playing in her rocking chair...
Mummy and Lottie in the Plaza awaiting a ferry
AC while visiting from HBS
Lottie and her puppy, Spunky
Nearly sitting by herself
Nearly sitting by herself
Lottie and Mummy on the doorstep
At Zarina's first birthday party with Daddy
Taking after Dad - catching a few Zzzzzzs
catching a few Zzzzzzs
Bouncing on Mum's lap
With Mum in the nursery
Summer is upon us and so are the mozzis - Charlotte now has an old fashioned mozzi net above her cot
Getting to know her feet ... Having a kick on her changing mat pre bath.  In a week or so she'll be rolling.
Having a coffee in Pacific Coffee having just  had her 4 mth DaPT/Polio/HIB combined jab
Nearly rolling
Feeling a bit grouchy after her jabs
Playing with her rattle on the bed with Dad

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