Month 15

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd April 2002 and 2nd May 2002.

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Key stats at 49 weeks old:
Weight:   10.15kg          Length/Height    73.0+cm        Head circumference:     47.0cm

My new high chair.
My new high chair.
A gaggle of chicks... Susan, Lottie, Liz.
My new pushchair...
Mummy  over did the bubbles!
Mummy  over did the bubbles!
Sunday morning in the Plaza with my new high chair and rag doll.
Sunday morning in the Plaza with my Dad.
Check out my new Startrite shoes... My Mummy and Daddy spent the weekend searching for proper shoes for me.
Puddles was lost in Cebu .... Bullet is Puddles replacement Russ Berrie Luv Pet.
The staff at  Russ Berrie in HK were able to locate me a new Puddles ... Puddles II
Puddles II, her mum Spunky Basset Hound and Puddles II half brother Bullet Bulldog
This is a great game sorting clothes pegs...
Your country needs you!
Dave and Kelly chilling out after a day at the shops....
Kelly and Lottie pops
My new Barbados dress
My new Barbados dress
Daddy's princess
Dad and his Bajan girl
Lottie at the Cronin's
Emma and Lottie - a pair of Tai Tais in training!
Cheerios, cream cheese sandwiches and grapes!  Heaven!
Karen and Lottie
Lottie and Cindy
Karen and Lottie
Kids having fun at the Cronin's
Lottie at Kindermusik class
Lottie at Kindermusik class
Playing with rag dollies at Kindermusik
Who's that in the mirror Lottie?
Who is that beautiful baby?
Oh look it's me Lottie Pops!!!
Lottie and her new friend Calypso
Two tired Bunnies!.... That's not a black-eye - another mozzi has bitten Lottie just under her eye
Wicked Uncle Max, Lottie adn Susan - May 1st public holiday - an outing to Mui Wo ( the adjacent bay to Discovery Bay)
Magical bubbles...
With Buzzy Bee and Tortoise in tow


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