Month 19

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd August 2002 and 2nd September 2002.

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New vocabulary this month:
Oh no!, uh oh!, rabbit, boat, raining, dodo (clothes), there, this, down, up, bath, duck, arra-a (camera) toilet, wee wee

Key stats at 49 weeks old:
Weight:   10.15kg          Length/Height    73.0+cm        Head circumference:     47.0cm

Admiring my hair after Daddy trimmed my fringe

Playing in a box!

Playing in a box!

Playing in a box!

Playing in a box!

Sabrina, Bridget, Mark and Lottie at Sabrina's 1st birthday party.

The Chu family

Blowing bubbles

Sabrina - birthday girl

Susan and Lottie

Desmond, Sabrina and Elizabeth

Susan and Lottie

nar naaar

Lottie playing on the balcony

Lottie playing on the balcony


Mummy and Lottie

Hands up ... stand on the magic penny

Grass ... ummmmm

In the Prosser's garden

Susan and Sue - BBQ at the Prosser's new pad

I'll soon work out how to get this lip-stick thingie working

Trying out Mummy's lippie

My new wellies!

Aren't my new wellies just cool!

Lottie, her new wellies and Daddy

I'm going to bed in my new wellies!

Breakfast with Daddy

Lottie and Daddy having breakfast together

My Da Da

Lottie and Alice band

Daddy and Lottie

Counting Daddy's change

Hong Kong Island from the Peak - Sunday 25 August 2002

The Burtons and Prossers - Sunday lunch at Cafe Deco on the Peak

David, Sam and Sue Prosser

The man that walked in front of the camera!

Susan, Lottie and Peter

Lottie in the Plaza

Bed time story with Mummy - “Kipper and the Egg”

Bed time story with Mummy - “Wibbly Pig Can Dance”

Bed time story with Daddy - “Giraffe”

Lottie and some chums in the Plaza

Check out my new hairdo ...

Ummm yummie ice cream

Playing on the beach at DB

See how wide the beach is...

Playing on the beach at DB

Playing on the beach at DB

With Da Da in my birthday suit!

Walking home from the Prossers

Bunny in the pushchair 

Going swimming

Eating biscuits after my swim


Colouring while waiting for my tea in the Residents' Club

I love Lemon Squash!


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