Month 18

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd July 2002 and 2nd August 2002.

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Key vocabulary:
Aht (hat!), Ba ba ba ba, Baa baye (bye bye), BaBu, (most frequent word), Baby, Ball, Balloon, BaPa (Grandpa), Bath, Bear, Bib Shhhh!  (As in Shhhh! Daddy is sleeping!), Boat, Book, Bu bbles, Car, Chair, Cheese, Da Da, Dog, Doh (Jo), Door, Ello! (only used when she is pretending to talk on the phone), Juice, Meh (Mess), Mol (milk), More, Mum Mum, Naa na (banana), Nigh na (night night), NO NO NO NO NO, Nose, Ouse (shoes), Ower (flower), RoRoRo (row row row the boat / roll over, roll over, roll over), Ya Ya (Nanny),

Key stats at 49 weeks old:
Weight:   10.15kg          Length/Height    73.0+cm        Head circumference:     47.0cm

Lottie sitting in the chair Grandpa Burton made for her

A spin in "my motor" before my bath

Independence day - supper on the balcony

Independence day - supper on the balcony with Mummy

Yoggi face

Two very very proud Daddys

A naked baby – post bath – who wants to go to bed in her favourite hat

Rowan and Karen

Harriet and Gordon

One of Her Majesty's Colonial Officers

Karen, Gordon, Harriet and Rowan

Susan and Lottie swimming

Susan, Lottie, Karen & Rowan

Sunday BBQ dinner at the DB Residents club

Oh these **** wine boxes!

Brother and Sister

Gordon Susan and Lottie

Ummm I love naanas!

Karen and Gordon


Farewell dinner for Kurt and Karen

Andy, Kurt and Peter

Neil and David

A trip on the Star Ferry to TST on a VERY wet Sunday afternoon

Rowan and Harriet on a tram in the HK Museum

Dinner with the elephants and gorillas at the Rain Forest Cafe

Birthday girl

Birthday girl making a wish

Deportment coaching!

By day it's Lottie's chair ... by night it turns into Mummy's foot-stool!

Ummmm this is heaven

Peter in seventh heaven having his feet massaged by the Stevenson girls!

Rowan and Lottie

Chocolate cake for breakfast for the birthday girl

Jamie at Kindermusic

Lottie at her Kindermusic class with Uncle Gordon

Karen and Lottie

A trip out to Lama on the AMEX junk

Harriet and Karen

Susan and Rowan

The Stevenson family


The birthday girl

Birthday girl in Lama for a seafood meal

Lottie, RoRo and RaRa in the Plaza


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