Susan’s cakes

I’ve just added Susan’s 2015 masterpiece – Conrad’s belated 10th birthday Rugby World Cup cake and her 2016 masterpiece – Lottie’s 15th birthday laughing crying emoji cake.  Scroll to the bottom…

I wonder what’s in store for us for Conrad’s 11th birthday cake in March?

Susan has discovered she has skills she didn’t know she had.  Creative cake making.  She makes two creative cakes a year.  I thought it might be fun to go back through the photo archives and catalogue her cakes.  It was fun putting together this cake catalogue.

Susan thinks her best so far have been the Mama Mia 8, the cops and robbers and the iPod and the Conrad playing Rugby for Sandy Bay .  What do you think?

Enjoy the cakes.

Susan’s cake creations
You can click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image with captions.  Scroll down to the bottom to see the latest 2015 creation….

4 Replies to “Susan’s cakes”

  1. 3213321 is now setting benchmark after benchmark in the domestic feel-good arena 🙂 …. not to say providing plenty of inspiration for 50th birthdays coming up later this year 🙂

    Greetings from the home of Tunnocks marshmallows and the deep-fried mars bar birthday cake !!

  2. Love them – they have become very sophisticated over the years! My favourite is still the rugby cake. Some lovely photos of Nanny Jo to remember too x

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