February 2012

Below are pictures of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet and Conrad James Stevenson taken between: 1st February 2012 and 28th February 2012.

Key events this month were:

  • Susan spent the week in Korea with her top sales people
  • During the first week of February we had sports days for both Conrad and Lottie
  • Conrad lost a front front tooth.
  • Susan baked another amazing birthday cake – this year a bowling alley!
  • Lottie turned 11 on 3rd Feb.  She had a ten pin bowling party for 13 girl friends, followed by a sleep-over for 5 of her friends.
  • Conrad went to Macau to play Rugby with his team HKU Sandy Bay
  • Lottie went to Singapore with the HKFC Under 12 (field) Hockey team


Susan trying live octopus sashimi in Korea


Check out the octopus suckers!


Our friends the Wintleton’s on their new school run


Olivia used Derek’s iPhone to record the drive from Nikki’s parents’ farm to the local school (Naradhan Public), which Olivia and Hadley attended when they moved back to Australia. What a contrast to the trip from Middleton Towers to Kennedy School!

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February 2012 Photo Gallery
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