July 2012 – UK holiday wk2

Below are pictures of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet and Conrad James Stevenson taken between: 7th July 2012 and 21st July 2012.

Key events this month were:

  • On Friday 6 July we headed from Grandpa and Granny Burton in Rickmansworth to Harrogate to Grandpa Sam and Grandma Norma where there was a family reunion for Sam and Norma’s 60th wedding anniversary party.
  • On Sunday  8 July we headed to the Lake District to the Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club (WMBRC) for a few days rest and recreation.  July 8 is also Peter’s sister Susan birthday.  Happy birthday Susan.
  • At the end of the week Peter headed back to Honk Kong.  Susan Lottie and Conrad headed to Gordon and Karen’s new house in Ormskirk.
  • On the Monday 16 July Susan, Lottie and Conrad head to Oxford to catch up with Vicky and then onto London to deliver Lottie into the charge of cousins Harriet and Rowan.
  • Susan and Conrad headed back to Hong Kong on Tuesday 17 July.
  • Lottie headed back to Hong Kong UM on Friday 20 July
  • Saturday 21 July Peter’s sister Susan and George had a wedding reception at Susan’s old school St. Margaret’s in Bushey.


July 2012 Photo Gallery
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