July 2011

Below are pictures of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet and Conrad James Stevenson taken between: 1st July 2011 and 31st July 2011.

Key events this month were:

  • We bid farewell to our friends the Wintleton’s who after more than a decade in HK are returning to Australia
  • Conrad lost his first tooth
  • We’ll be heading separately to the UK – Susan heads there with the kids, and Peter will follow and bring them back
  • Sister Susan’s birthday – Happy Birthday
  • Susan’s birthday too – Happy Birthday
  • Tidying the area off the kitchen, the rear storage cupboard and the inside storage cupboard  (the latter is more like a the nuclear bunker store room you find in SG homes)

Conrad’s first wobbly tooth

Learning boating skills with Aunty Karen on Lake Windermere

July 2011 Photo Gallery
You can click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image.

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