December 2013

Below are pictures of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet and Conrad James Stevenson taken between: 1st  and 21st December 2013.

Key events this month were:

  • Christmas is coming. This year will be the first we have not spent Christmas day at home.  We are heading to Sydney for the Christmas.
  • Peter did a quick trip to the UK to clear the attic of our house in Wimbledon.  Thanks to the Stevenson / Martindale attic clearing crew and to Dr. Harriet for the wonderful egg and caper sandwiches to sustain us.  And Karen’s date and tamarind flapjack was lovely too.
  • Peter arrived back in HK just in time to get to Conrad’s School winter lights show.  Below is a video of The Grade 3 production taken on my phone.  I was too jet-lagged to work out how to get the video on hte camera to work!
  • After 17 years in Asia, Susan has now been in Hong Kong continuously for 7 years and has become a Hong Kong permanent resident.  No longer any need for a work permit.  Shorter queues at the airport for Permanent Residents.  Susan joins Peter and Lottie who are already HK PRs.  Conrad’s application is in now too.
  • Sunday 8 December was panto day.  We all went to the Hong Kong Players panto.  This year it was Sleeping Beauty.  There was lots of Booing of the wicked witch and shouting of: It’s behind YOU!
  • Lottie beat her personal best time in cross-country.  Go Lottie go….
  • We welcomed Jo and Iz who are UK bound from Sydney for a short secondment (3 years?).
  • On 21 Dec we headed to Australia for a two week break:
    Week 1 in Huskisson – Jervis Bay and
    Week 2 in Sydney.
  • The other news is that in 2014 we will be posted to the UK for 3 to 4 years.  Susan takes up her new role after CNY and Peter and the kids will move in July once the 2013 / 2014 school year has completed.


CX251 landing LHR at 0440
We landed about an hour and a half ahead of schedule – so LHR was dark (and cold) – which is why the video appears to be in Black and White!


The Harbour School Grade 3A/B Winter Lights Show


Team Accuen take 1 – Feliz Navidad
Peter’s Accuen team having some fun! – click on the caption below the picture to see the video.

Accuen Team Christmas 2013 - Take 1
Accuen Team Christmas 2013 – Take 1


Team Accuen take 2 – Rockin Around The Christmas Tree
Peter’s Accuen team having some fun!- click on the caption below the picture to see the video.

Accuen Team Christmas 2013 - Take 2
Accuen Team Christmas 2013 – Take 2


December 2013 – Photo Gallery
You can click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image with captions.

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