January 2014

Below are pictures of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet and Conrad James Stevenson taken between: 4th Jan 2014 and 31st January 2014.

Key events this month were:

  • Back to school…
  • Lottie won the 1500m for her year group at the WIS sports day
  • Its back to Saturday and Sunday sports routines
  • On Sat 25 January Lottie had a bunch of girl friends over to celebrate her 13th birthday which this year happens over Chinese New Year.  We will be in Cambodia on 3 Feb for her actual birthday.  Susan created a magnificent Union Jack cake.  This might be one of best so far.  What do you think?


Conrad & Marcus wrestling
Harbour School wrestling club


January 2014 – Photo Gallery
You can click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image with captions.

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