Year 2 Month 2

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd March 2003 and 2nd April 2003.

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Key stats taken at the Doctor on 17 March 2003:
Weight:   12.30kg          Length/Height    87.00cm        Head circumference:     (not taken)

Another trip to the botanical gardens.

This is how I smile!

Hi MumMum!

Daddy's waterbottle is much more interesting than mine!

D - O - R - O - T - H - Y ... "Dorothy the Dinosaur".

Driving Thomas the train.

Daddy and Lottie at the Zoo on Sunday.

A herd of zebra.

Running to get to the next animal attraction!

Lottie and Mummy.

Lottie and Mummy.

Lottie and Mummy.

Kindermusic Term 1 certificate.

End of Play Club term 1 party for the monkeys.

Jo and Lottie.

Lottie and her teacher Audrey - who is returning to Perth.

My Julia Gabriel Term 1 certificate.

Teachers having fun...

Lottie and Ariel at the pool.


Mummy, Lottie and her new flip-flops.

Lottie in the pool.

Lottie and Ariel.

Daddy chilling out in the pool... with Alex in the background.

Our poorly girl - playing with the playdough with Mummy.

Our poorly girl - playing with the playdough with Mummy.

Our poorly girl - watching the Wiggles.

A recently awake and overjoyed little girl who has just opened a parcel from Barbados.

Two little monkeys.

Jo and Lottie and her new Bajan Green monkey toy.

Watching High5, eating the icing off one of Mummy’s angel cakes.

Out for Sunday brunch with Mum and Dad.

Lottie and Phoenix bear.

Lottie and Phoenix bear.

A Saturday afternoon swim.

Another weekend. Another brunch shot...

Daddy's girls.

Two fairies.

Lottie, Audrey (teacher) and fellow Playclub chum, Jamie Roberton.


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