Year 2 Month 5

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd June 2003 and 2nd July 2003.

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Key stats taken on 10 June 2003 (at home):
Weight:   12.50kg          Length/Height    89.00cm        Head circumference:     50.00cm

Fish pie Mummy.

Ummmmm ... Jo makes such yummy fish pie UMMMMMMM.

More ...

Washed down with some milk.

Now check out my milk moustache!

Building towers.

Playing with Erik at 17C.


Erik, Ariel and Lottie.

Grace rolling balls to Erik and Lottie.

In my party dress for my end of term party.

Posting my school card to say I'm here.

Making a rainbow.

This rainbow has my full attention!

Gerry lending a helping hand.

Having a butterfly tattoo with Ari.

This processed cheese is UMMMMMMM.

Party food.

A budding driver.

Tiptoe dancing.

I’m a little teapot, short and stout.

Being entertained by my teachers...

Gerry making music!

End of term certificates!

Daddy and Lottie out for a Sunday walk.

Pizza ummm!


More pizza.

Eating the angel cakes I helped mummy make.

All gone Mummy!

Lottie and Ariel at the beach.

Sleeping beauty!

I've nearly outgrwon my cot.

My cot.

My cot and some of my friends.

In my sleeping bag.

Playing in my cot after my afternoon zzzzz.

At play in my cot.

Bouncey, bouncey....

Bouncey, bouncey....

Getting ready for my new bed... I'm already excited

Watching as my new bed is assembled.

WOW.... Lottie new bed.

Sleeping in my new bed.

Matt who's been stayng with us checking out the chair in Lottie's room.

Lunch with wicked Uncle Maxie and Rebecca.

I'm thirsty Mummy!

Lunch with Mummy, Daddy, wicked uncle Max and Rebecca.


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