Year 2 Month 3

Below are pictures taken of Charlotte Elizabeth Janet between 3rd April 2003 and 2nd May 2003.

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Key stats taken at the Doctor on 17 March 2003:
Weight:   12.30kg          Length/Height    87.00cm        Head circumference:     (not taken)

Sunday on the East coast.

Not sure about this surf Daddy!

Now I'm getting to like this sand!

Mummy and Lottie on the beach.


A view of the boats at anchor.

Saturday morning at the beach. 

A little snack.

Ummm .... this is good OJ!

Mummy mid mouthful of chocolate muffin.

Miss Busy Body - checking out the action.

Playing in the kiddies area at the American Club.

"Hair up Mummy"

Hair up.

Hair up.

Mummy and Lottie at the Sentosa fish aquarium

WOW ... look at that stingray.

Jelly fish.

Sentosa beach.

Bye bye.  Lottie and the pot bellied pigs.


The chief Marmut and his charge a 13 year elephant.

Driving lessons...

A helping foot down.

Demonstating how these elphants were
used to move tiimber in the Sri Lankan teak forests.

A little reward, a banana.

All aboard the
choo choo train.

A swing at the zoo playground.

Wow, this is a new type of slide.

Egg race .... Katrina and Lottie.

Barefoot in the Pieter and Trish's garden.

Check this out Daddy ... a car.

Easter egg hunt at Peiter and Trish's.

Katrina and Diann with thier Mums.

Olie, Lottie, Sebastien and Katrina.  Kiddies lunch.

Fried rice Daddy!

Lottie and Mummy - Sunday dinner at the American Club.

Lottie and Ariel.

Chums ... Ariel and Lottie.

Girl talk...

Two monkeys on the sofa next door.


Sunday monring coffee in the botanical gardens.

Lottie in her new stripey outfit sent by Grandma Norma.

Checking out turtles.

Mummy and Lottie.

Princess Charlotte!

Granny Burton mid 50's - can you see a likeness?




A new outfit sent by Granma Norma.

Lunch in Little India.

Little India.

Exploring little India.

Little India.

Lottie at Julia Gabriel - play school.

Lottie at Julia Gabriel - play school.

Lottie at Julia Gabriel - play school.

Lottie at Julia Gabriel - play school.


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